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100 Pria Terpopuler 2016

Nama : Javier Palmas

Lahir : Spanyol, 1 Maret 1969
Karir : Aktor
Film : No Country For Old Men, Skyfall, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Pirates of  The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Gunman, The Last Face, Silence etc...

Nama : Ben Affleck

Lahir : USA, 15 Agustus 1972
Karir : Aktor
Film : Armageddon, Daredevil, Gone Baby Gone, Argo, Gone Girl, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Accountant, Suicide Squad, Live By Night etc...

Nama : Nick Grimshaw

Lahir : UK, 14 Agustus 1984
Karir : Penyiar Radio dan Presenter TV
Film & Acara TV : Children in Need, T4, The X Factor (UK), Children in Need 2012, Wreck-It Ralph, Sweat The Small Stuff.

Nama : Will Smith

Lahir : USA, 25 September 1968
Karir : Aktor
Film : Bad Boys, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend, Hancock, Seven Pounds, Men In Black, Shark Tale, After Earth, Concussion, Focus, Suicide Squad etc...

Nama : Justin Theroux

Lahir : USA, 10 Agustus 1971
Karir : Aktor
Film : Zoolander, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Tropic Thunder, Megamind, Iron Man 2, Your Highness, Wanderlust, The Leftlovers, Zoolander 2 etc...

Nama : George Clooney

Lahir : USA, 6 Mei 1961
Karir : Aktor
Film : Batman & Robin, From Dusk till Dawn, Three Kings, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Ocean’s Eleven, Up in the Air, The Ideas of March, The Descendants, Gravity, Tomorrowland, Money Monster etc...

Nama : Justin Timberlake
Lahir : USA, 31 Januari 1981
Karir : Aktor-Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Film : The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefit, In Time, Trolls etc...
Lagu : Mirrors, Not A Bad Thing, Can't Stop The Feeling etc...

Nama : Christian Bale
Lahir : UK, 30 Januari 1974
Karir : Aktor
Film : Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, The Machinist, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, The Fighter, The Dark Knight Rises, American Hustle, The Big Short etc...

Nama : Jason Momoa

Lahir : USA, 1 Agustus 1979
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Baywatch, North Shore, Stargate Atlantis, The Red Road, Game of Thrones, Conan The Barbarian, Bullet to the Head, Wolves, Road to Paloma Batman v Superman: Dawn od Justice etc...

Nama : Brad Pitt

Lahir : USA, 18 Desember 1963
Karir : Aktor
Film : Legends of the Fall, Seven, Fight Club, Troy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Curios Case of Benjamin Button, Inglourious Basterds, Moneyball, World War Z, Fury etc...

Nama : Santiago Cabrera

Lahir : Venezuela, 5 Mei 1978
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Heroes, Merlin, Love and Other Disasters, Goal II: Living the Dream, Che: Part One, The Musketeers, The Life of Fish, Cristiada, Hemingway & Gelhorn, Alcatraz etc...

Nama : Colin Morgan

Lahir : UK, 1 Januari 1986
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Merlin: Secrets and Magic, Waiting for You, Merlin, Parked, Island, Testament of Youth, Legend, The Laughing King, The Huntsman: Winter’s War etc...

Nama : Kayvan Novak

Lahir : UK, 23 November 1978
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Family Affairs, Syriana, Fonejacker, Facejacker, PhoneShop, Four Lions, Sirens, Thunderbirds Are Go, Cuban Fury, Paddington etc...

Nama : Sam Heughan

Lahir : UK, 30 April 1980
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : River City, Island at War, First Light, A Princess for Christmas, Young Alexander the Great, Outlander, Heart of Lightness etc...

Nama : Francois Arnaud

Lahir : Canada, 5 Juli 1985
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV: I Killed My Mother, Heat Wave, The Borgias, Copperhead, Amapola, Rabid Dogs, Big Sky, The Girl King, Jean of the Joneses, The People Garden etc...

Nama : Andrew Garfield

Lahir : USA, 20 Agustus 1983
Karir : Aktor
Film : Boy A, Lions for Lambs, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spider-Man, 99 Homes, Hacksaw Ridge etc...

Nama : Bradley Cooper

Lahir : USA, 5 Januari 1975
Karir : Aktor
Film : The A-Team, Limitless, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, American Sniper, Serena, Guardians of the Galaxy, Joy, Aloha, Burnt etc...

Nama : Olly Murs

Lahir : UK, 14 Mei, 1984
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : Heart Skips a Beat, Dance With Me Tonight, Dear Darlin’, Troublemaker, Wrapped Up, Up, Kiss Me etc...

Nama : Matthew McConaughey

Lahir : USA, 4 November 1969
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Dazed and Confused, A Time to Kill, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Lincoln Lawyer, Magic Mike, Mud, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club etc...

Nama : Leonardo DiCaprio

Lahir : USA, 11 November 1974
Karir : Aktor
Film : What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Inception, Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant etc...

Nama : Joe Manganiello

Lahir : USA, 28 Desember 1976
Karir : Aktor
Film : Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3, What to Except When You’re Expecting, La Bare, Sabotage, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday etc...

Nama : Paul Rudd

Lahir : USA, 6 April 1969
Karir : Aktor
Film : Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Knocked Up, Wanderlust, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, The Fundamentals of Caring etc...

Nama : Josh Hutcherson

Lahir : USA, 12 Oktober 1992
Karir : Aktor
Film : Zathura, Little Manhattan, Bridge of Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Escobar: Paradise Lost, The Hunger Games Series etc...

Nama : Ryan Reynolds

Lahir : Canada, 23 Oktober 1976
Karir : Aktor
Film : Blade: Trinity, Just Friends, The Proposal, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Buried, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D., The Voices, Deadpool etc...

Nama : Calum Hood

Lahir : Australia, 25 Januari 1996
Karir : Pemain Bass
Grup Musik : 5 Seconds of Summer
Lagu : She Looks So Perfect, Amnesia, Don’t Stop, Jet Black Heart etc...

Nama : Jai Courtney

Lahir : Australia, 15 Maret 1986
Karir : Aktor
Film : A Good Day to Die Hard, Felony, I Frankenstein, Divergent, Unbroken, The Water Diviner, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Terminator Genisys, Man Down, Suicide Squad etc...

Nama : Chris Martin

Lahir : UK, 2 Maret 1977
Karir : Penyanyi- Penulis Lagu
Lagu : Viva la Vida, Up&Up, Paradise, Yellow, A Sky Full of Stars, The Scientist, Fix You, Adventure of a Lifetime, Hymn for the Weekend etc...

Nama : Jake Gyllenhaal

Lahir : USA, 19 Desember 1980
Karir : Aktor
Film : Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Love & Other Drugs, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, End of Watch, Nightcrawler, Demolition, Southpaw etc...

Nama : Hugh Jackman

Lahir : Australia, 12 Oktober 1968
Karir : Aktor
Film : X2, The Prestige, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Real Steel, The Wolveriner, Les Miserables, Prisoners, Van Helsing, Chappie, Pan, X-Men: Apocalypse etc...

Nama : Lee Pace

Lahir : USA, 25 Maret 1979
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Pushing Daisies, Halt and Catch Fire, Sldier’s Girl, The Fall, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Twilight, The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy etc...

Nama : Jason Derulo

Lahir : USA, 21 September 1989
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Film : Watcha Say, It Girl, Talk Dirty, Marry Me, If It Ain’t Love, Wiggle, Trumpets, Get Ugly, Want to Want Me etc...

Nama : Patrick Dempsey

Lahir : USA, 13 Januari 1966
Karir : Aktor
Film : Can’t Buy Me Love, Loverboy, Scream 3, Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, Made of Honor, Freedom Writers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Bridget Jones’s Baby etc...

Nama : Sean Bean

Lahir : UK, 17 April 1959
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Patriot Games, Sharpe, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Troy, The Island, The Hitcher, Game of Thrones, The Martian etc...

Nama : Alex Pettyfer

Lahir : UK, 10 April 1990
Karir : Aktor
Film : Magic Mike, Stormbreaker, Wild Child, Tormented, Beastly, I Am Number Four, In Time, The Butler, Endless Love, Elvis & Nixon etc...

Nama : Daniel Radcliffe

Lahir : UK, 23 Juli 1989
Karir : Aktor
Film : Harry Potter Series, The Woman in Black, Kill your Darlings, What If, Horns, Victor Frankenstein, Now You See Me 2, Swiss Army Man etc...

Nama : Colin Firth

Lahir : UK, 10 September 1960
Karir : Aktor
Film : Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, Mamma Mia!, A Single Man, The King’s Speech, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Railway Man, Kingsman: The Secret Servce, Genius etc...

Nama : Channing Tatum

Lahir : USA, 26 April 1980
Karir : Aktor
Film : Step Up, She’s the Man, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Dear John, Magic Mike, The Vow, 22 Jump Street, White House Down, Hail, Caesar! etc...

Nama : Russell Tovey

Lahir : UK, 14 November 1981
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : The History Boys, Being Human, Him & Her, Looking, Little Dornit, The Job Lot, Grabbers, Tower Block, The Pass etc...

Nama : Trai Byers

Lahir : USA, 19 Juli 1983
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre, Destination Planet Negro, Jayhawkers, Selma, Empire etc...

Nama : Luke Hemmings

Lahir : Australia, 16 Juli 1996
Karir : Pemain Guitar
Grup Band : 5 Seconds of Summer
Lagu : She Looks So Perfect, Amnesia, Don’t Stop, Good Girls, Jet Black Heart etc...

Nama : Taylor Lautner

Lahir : USA, 11 Februari 1992
Karir : Aktor
Film : The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, Twilight Series, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Abduction, Tracers, The Ridiculous etc...

Nama : Anson Mount

Lahir : USA, 25 Februari 1973
Karir : Aktor
Film : City by the Sea, Crossroads, Hell on Wheels, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, In Her Shoes, Straw Dogs, Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, Non-Stop, Mr. Right etc...

Nama : Alexander Skarsgard

Lahir : Sweden, 25 Agustus 1976
Karir : Aktor
Film : Zoolander, Melancholia, Straw Dogs, Battleship, What Maisie Knew, The East, The Giver, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, The Legend of Tarzan etc...

Nama : Richard Madden

Lahir : UK, 18 Juni 1986
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Hope Springs, Chatroom, Worried About the Boy, Sirens, Game of Thrones, Birdsong,  A Promise, Cinderella, Bastille Day etc...

Nama : Nicholas Hoult

Lahir : UK, 7 Desember 1989
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Skins, About a Boy, A Single Man, Jack the Giant Slayer, Warm Bodies, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: Apocalypse etc...

Nama : Adam Levine

Lahir : USA, 18 Maret 1979
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : She Will Be Loved, This Love, Moves Like Jagger, Lost Stars, Maps, Daylight, Payphone, One More Night, Animals, Sugar etc...

Nama : Zac Efron

Lahir : USA, 18 Oktober 1987
Karir : Aktor
Film : High School Musical, 17 Again, The Lucky One, Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, We Are Your Friends, Dirty Grandpa, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Baywatch etc...

Nama : Stuart Reardon

Lahir : UK, 13 Oktober 1981
Karir : Model
Lain : Stuart Reardon adalah Model olahraga fitness dan juga sebagai Pemain Rugby Profesional yang bermain untuk Wales Crusaders Utara.

Nama : Tom Hardy

Lahir : UK, 15 September 1977
Karir : Aktor
Film : Taboo, Bronson, Inception, Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises, Locke, Legend, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant etc...

Nama : Joe Sugg

Lahir : UK, 8 September 1991
Karir : Penulis/Pengarang-Youtuber
Lain :  Sangat terkenal di Dunia Internet, Youtube. Joe Sugg merupakan pembuat konten untuk video-video di akun youtubenya, dia memiliki lebih dari satu channel youtube.

Nama : Kit Harington

Lahir : UK, 26 Desember 1986
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Silent Hill: Revelation, Game of Thrones, Pompeii, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Seventh Son, 7 Days In Hell, Spooks: The Greater Good, Brimstone etc...

Nama : John Cena

Lahir : USA, 23 April 1977
Karir : Aktor-Penyanyi Rap-Pemain Smack Down
Lain : Dikenal sebagai Pemain Smack Down Profesional, John Cena ternyata juga pernah tampil di film layar lebar, dia juga memiliki beberapa lagu yang cukup terkenal di era 2005-an.

Nama : Drake

Lahir : Canada, 24 Oktober 1986
Karir : Penyanyi Rap
Lagu : Forever, Hold On, We’re Going Home, Jumpman, Started from the Bottom, Too Good Controlla, Hotline Bling, One Dance etc...

Nama : Eddie Redmayne

Lahir : UK, 6 Januari 1982
Karir : Aktor
Film : The Good Shepherd, Savage Grace, The Pillars of the Earth, My Week with Marilyn, Birdsong, Les Miserables, Jupiter Ascendng, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them etc...

Nama : Michael Fassbender

Lahir : Jerman, 2 April 1977
Karir : Aktor
Film : Inglourious Basterds, X-Men: First Class-Days of Future Past-Apocalypse, 12 Years a Slave, Macbeth, Shame, Steve Jobs, Assassin's Creed etc...

Nama : Pietro Boselli

Lahir : Italia, 3 Desember 1988
Karir : Dosen-Insinyur-Model
Lain : Pierto Boselli adalah seorang Insinyur Profesional asal Italia, Dia juga mengajar mata kuliah Matematika di Universitas College dan juga terkenal sebagai seorang Model.

Nama : Ryan Gosling

Lahir : Canada, 12 November 1980
Karir : Aktor
Film : The Notebook, Lars and the Real Girl, The Ideas of March, Blue Valentine, Crazy-Stupid-Love, Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, Gangster Squad, The Bigshort, The Nice Guys etc...

Nama : Pharrell Williams

Lahir : USA, 5 April 1973
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : Happy, Marilyn Monroe, Know Who You Are, Lost Queen, Gust of Wind, Come Get It Bae, Freedom etc...

Nama : Matt Smith

Lahir : UK, 28 Oktober 1982
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential, The Shdaow in the North, Moses Jones, Party Animals, Terminator Genisys, Patient Zero, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies etc...

Nama : Dougie Poynter

Lahir : UK, 30 November 1987
Karir : Musisi
Grup Band : McFly, McBusted
Lagu : 5 Colours in Her Hair, You've Got a Friend, That's the Truth, Live Is On The Radio, Love Easy etc...

Nama : Dan Stevens

Lahir : UK 10 Oktober 1982
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : The Fifth Estate, Summer in February, Downtown Abbey, The Cobbler, Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb, The Guest, Criminal Activities, Beauty and the Beasts etc...

Nama : Robert Downey Jr

Lahir : USA, 4 April 1965
Karir : Aktor
Film : Less Than Zero, Iron Man Series, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder, The Avengers, The Judge, Chef, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War etc...

Nama : Jensen Ackles

Lahir : USA, 1 Maret 1978
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Dark Angel, Days of Our Lives, Dawson's Creek, Ten Inch Hero, Smallville, Batman: Under the Red Hood etc...

Nama : Liam Hemsworth

Lahir : Australia, 13 Januari 1990
Karir : Aktor
Film : The Last Song, Paranoia, Empire Estate Love and Honor, The Hunger Games Series, The Dressmaker, The Duel, Independence Day: Resurgence etc...

Nama : David Beckham

Lahir : UK, 2 Mei 1975
Karir : Mantan Pesepak Bola
Tim : Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint Germain dan Tim Nasional Sepak Bola Inggris.

Nama : Charlie Hunnam

Lahir : UK, 10 April 1980
Karir : Aktor
FIlm dan Acara TV : Sons of Anarchy, Green Street, Deadfall, Children of Men, Cold Mountain, The Ledge, Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur etc...

Nama : Chris Evans

Lahir : USA, 13 Januari 1981
Karir : Aktor
Film : Not Another Teen Movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, What's Your Number?, Captain America Series, The Avenger, Snowpiercer, Before We Go etc...

Nama : Chris Hemsworth

Lahir : Australia, 11 Agustus 1983
Karir : Aktor
Film : Thor Series, Rush, The Avenger Series, Snow White and the Huntsman, Vacation, In the Heart of the Sea, Ghostbusters etc...

Nama : Calvin Harris

Lahir : UK, 17 Januari 1984
Karir : DJ-Produser Rekaman-Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : I Need Your Love, Blame, Outside, Feel So Close, How Deep Is Your Love, Summer, This Is What You Came For etc...

Nama : Adam Lambert

Lahir : USA, 29 Januari 1982
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : Whataya Want from Me, If I Had You, For Your Entertainment, Better Than I Know Myself, Ghost Town, Another Lonely Night etc...

Nama : Alfie Deyes

Lahir : UK, 17 September 1993
Karir : Youtuber
Lain : Alfie Deyes, Pria berkebangsaan Inggris ini, cukup terkenal dengan akun youtubenya, mulai dari PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs dan PointlessBlogGames.

Nama : Jared Leto

Lahir : USA, 26 Desember 1971
Karir : Aktor-Penyanyi-{enulis Lagu
Lagu : The Kill, This Is War, Kings and Queens, Closer to the Edge, Up In The Air etc...
Film : Alexander, American Psycho, Mr. Nobody, Dallas Buyers Club, Suicide Squad etc...

Nama : James McAvoy

Lahir : UK, 21 April 1979
Karir : Aktor
Film : Atonement, Becoming Jane, Wanted, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, X-Men: First Class-Days of Future Past-Apocalypse, Victor Frankenstein etc...

Nama : Ian Somerhalder

Lahir : USA, 8 Desember 1978
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Young American, The Rules of Attraction, Tell Me You Love Me, The Tournament, Smallville, Lost, The Vampire Diaries etc...

Nama : Johnny Depp

Lahir : USA, 9 Juni 1963
Karir : Aktor
Film : Cry-Baby, BLow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Findinr Neverland, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Lone Ranger, Black Mass, Pirates of The Caribbean Series, Alice Through the Looking Glass etc...

Nama : Liam Payne

Lahir : UK, 29 Agustus 1993
Karir : Penyanyi
Grup Boy Band : One Direction
Lagu : One Thing, More Than This, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, History, Perfect etc...

Nama : David Gandy

Lahir : UK, 19 Februari 1980
Karir : Model
Lain : Model Pria berkebangsaan Inggris ini, pernah memenangkan Ajang Model di Inggris pada tahun 2001. Dia juga menjadi model fashion untuk beberapa brand ternama.

Nama : Paul Wesley

Lahir : USA, 23 Juli 1982
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Another World, Mother's Day, American Dreams, Peaceful Warrior, Killer Movie, Fallen, Beneath the Blue, The Vampire Diaries etc...

Nama : Tom Daley

Lahir : UK, 21 Mei 1994
Karir, Atlet Loncat Indah
Lain : Thomas Robert Tom Daley adalah Atlet Loncat Indah asal Inggris dan menjadi Juara Dunia pada tahun 2009 di usia muda, yakni 15 tahun.

Nama : Jamie Campbell Bower

Lahir : UK, 22 November 1988
Karir : Aktor
Film : Winter in Wartime, RocknRolla, London Boulevard, Anonymous, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 etc...

Nama : David Tennant

Lahir : UK, 18 April 1971
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Doctor Who, Secret Smile, Casanova, The Decoy Bride, Broadchurch, Gracepoint, Jessica Jones etc...

Nama : Idris Elba

Lahir : UK, 6 September 1972
Karir : Aktor
Film : Pacific Rim, Takers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ghost Rider Series, The Jungle Book, The Gunman, Zootopia, Finding Dory, The Dark Tower, Thor: Ragnarok etc...

Nama : Chris Pratt

Lahir : USA 21 Juni 1979
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Parks and Recreation, Everwood, Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, Delivery Man, The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 etc...

Nama : Theo James

Lahir : UK, 16 Desember 1984
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : The Inbetweneers Movie, Golden Boy, Divergent, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Allegian, Underworld: Blood Wars etc...

Nama : Benedict Cumberbatch

Lahir : UK, 19 Juli 1976
Karir: Aktor
Film : Sherlock, The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness, 12 Years a Slave, The Imitation Game, Black Mass, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Black Mass, Sherlock Holmes: The Abominable Bride, Doctor Strange etc...

Nama : Jim Chapman

Lahir : UK, 28 Desember 1987
Karir : Vlogger
Lain : James Alfred "Jim" Chapman, Pria berkebangsaan Inggris ini sangat aktif di dunia Blogging, Vlogging dan juga dunia Model. Konten yang dibagikan di akun Youtubenya pun tidak sedikit mengenai fashion pria.

Nama : Louis Tomlinson

Lahir : UK, 24 Desember 1991
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Grup Boy Band : One Direction
Lagu : One Thing, More Than This, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, History, Perfect etc...

Nama : Luke Evans

Lahir : UK, 15 April 1979
Karir : Aktor
Film : Tamara Drewe, The Three Musketeers, Immortals, No One Lives, Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Dracula Untold, High-Rise, Beauty and Beast etc...

Nama : Niall Horan

Lahir : Republik Irlandia, 13 September 1993
Karir : Penyanyi
Grup Boy Band : One Direction
Lagu : One Thing, More Than This, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, History, Perfect etc...

Nama : Prince Harry

Lahir : UK, 15 September 1984
Lain : Pangeran Henry, Wales atau dikenal juga dengan Pangeran Harry, adalah anak dari Charles dan Diana.

Nama : Matt Bomer

Lahir : USA, 11 Oktober 1977
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : American Horror Story, Tru Calling, White Collar, Magic Mike, Chuck, In Time, The Normal Heart, The Nice Guys etc...

Nama : Robert Pattinson

Lahir : UK, 13 Mei 1986
Karir : Aktor
Film : Twilight Series, Remember Me, Water for Elephants, Cosmopolis, The Rover, Maps to the Stars, Life, Queen of the Desert, The Lost City of Z etc...

Nama : Justin Bieber

Lahir : Canada, 1 Maret 1994
Karir : Penyanyi-Penulis Lagu
Lagu : Baby, Boyfriend, Never Say Never, Beauty and a Beat, Where are You Now?, What Do You Mean?, Love Yourself, Sorry, I'll Show You etc...

Nama : Harry Styles

Lahir : UK, 1 Februari 1994
Karir : Penyanyi
Grup Boy Band : One Direction
Lagu : One Thing, More Than This, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, History, Perfect etc...

Nama : Zayn Malik

Lahir : USA, 12 Januari 1993
Karir : Penyanyi Solo (Ex: One Direction)

Nama : Henry Cavill

Lahir : Jersey, 5 Mei 1893
Karir : Aktor
Film :The Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust, Whatever Works, The Cold Light of Day, Immortals, Man of Steel, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice etc...

Nama : Tom Hiddleston

Lahir : UK, 9 Februari 1981
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Wallander, Midnight in Paris, I Saw the Light, High-Rise, The Avengers, The Night Manager, Thor: The Dark World-Ragnarok etc...

Nama : Jamie Dornan

Lahir : UK, 1 Mei 1982
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Once Upon a Time, The Fall, The 9th Life of Louis Drax, X Returns, Flying Home, Fifty Shades of Grey, Anthropoid, Fifty Shades Darker etc...

Nama : Aidan Turner
Lahir : Republik Irlandia, 19 Juni 1983
Karir : Aktor
Film dan Acara TV : Being Human, Poldark, Alarm, Hattie, Desperate Romantics, The Secret Scripture, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-The Desolation of Smaug-The Battle of the Five Armies etc...

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